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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing skillz that make any business buzzzz!

Work with a Dedicated SEO Specialist - Your dedicated expert will meet with you every month to set strategy, develop links, optimize your site & review results.

On-Site Fixes and Optimizations - Your specialist will write and edit source code and original web content on your website to increase your visibility on the major search engines, making it easier for your customers to find your site.

Relevant Link Building & Partnering - Your SEO Expert will submit relevant external links which will point and direct new traffic/customers to your website. More relevant links to your website means more traffic that the search engines will send you as this helps build your credibility.

Tangible, Measurable Results - Each and every month, you’ll receive a detailed SEO Report that’s easy to read and understand the actual results of the marketing campaign. The report with measure the month’s results using metrics that are both measurable and verifiable.

$299/mo Social Marketing package includes: 2X Social Pages Managed (Most popular: Facebook & Twitter), Social Page Optimization, Social Website Integration, 8X Custom Graphic Ad Designs (with multi revision requests), Creative Content Writing Services, Post Secluding (4X posts per week during peak times), Monthly Campaign Reporting & Monitoring.

Social Media Marketing


Let us to create a custom internet marketing plan and website for your business or start-up.